productivity overload?

So I saw this link today that said 5 steps to be more productive, and thought, “That’s just what I need” (in the sarcastic internal voice that I often talk to myself in — do you?), but I clicked on it anyway. It has some pretty decent information but is pretty much stuff I already do.

It was interesting, though, because last night I had a conversation where I shared how I like to be productive in as much of my time as possible, be it “productive” productive, in such things as doing “work” or writing or reading or washing dishes or cleaning or other things that “need” to be done, or just more “socially” productive, things like talking on the phone, writing letters, playing sports with others, or even just spending time with someone while watching TV or a movie. I, like those I was talking with, do wonder if this is OK or whether I need a “break” sometimes, where absolutely nothing is accomplished, but I feel like a break can also be “productive,” in something like taking a nap or running or writing a letter (and even if not “productive” like that, wouldn’t the break itself be intrinsically productive, as it would be accomplishing something?).

I don’t know for how long exactly, but for quite a while I’ve felt and believed it important to make the most of the limited time I have on this planet. I don’t always succeed, but I think continuing to look critically at how I use my time and how I choose to live my life — things like my location, job, people that surround me, social and other activities — will always be important to me and help me continue to live life with few regrets. I’d love to have no regrets, but we’re all human, so I think that’s impossible, so becoming comfortable with the regrets that I do have is all I can strive for, and I wish the same for you.

I challenge you to find that balance and mix of productivity and relaxation that works for you and go with it. I think it’s a life-long struggle and journey, but I also think the benefits you’ll elicit will be well worth it.


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