friends gone by

Do you have friends that you miss? I don’t mean the friends you talk to but don’t get to see often because you live in different places. I’m talking about the people you were once friends with but with whom now, for whatever reason, you’re not. I know you have them. We all do.

Some of them are people you’ve just lost track of. They were probably amazing friends at a certain time in your life but you went on different paths and never stayed in touch. With the current generations high mobility rate, I’m sure this happens a lot today, especially with friends from all ages of schooling. A lot of people I called friends in college I don’t stay in touch with any more, though the Internet can be helpful sometimes in locating people (though I don’t fool myself into thinking we’re really “friends” any more).

I’ve moved around a lot, but there are still a good number of friends that I’ve been able to hold on to even though the distance makes it increasing harder as the years go by. I suppose it’s just the reality of it all that it’s easier to be friends when you’re geographically close. It takes effort to keep up a friendship divided when separated by states (and sometimes even oceans), but I treasure them enough to make sure I don’t lose contact.

But there are a couple people (they may even know who they are, though they’d probably never read this) who, even though I might love to still be their friends, I’m not. It’s not about distance or proximity but more about what exactly make us friends in the first place. And it’s hard for me to let go of those friends, even though I probably need to move on. There are moments or situations that make me recall their memory, and I miss them. I wonder what they’re up to at this point in their lives, where they might be living and what they might be doing. Maybe I’m nostalgic for friendships that could no longer exist.

In any case, there are some people I just wish I could once again label as friends. But for now, I guess I’ll just have to try and make the memories not hurt so badly.


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