do you realize?

Do you realize — that everyone you know some day will die?” It’s a great song lyric by The Flaming Lips. I think it helps us step back and think about what’s important in life and recognize that we’re all part of something more than ourselves.

But it also makes me think and ask: “Do you realize — that some day you will die?” We don’t often think about our own mortality, but it’s true. You will die. I will die. “Everyone you know some day will die.” If we thought about our mortality more often, would it change the way we lived? Would it make us do things differently, maybe make us follow our dreams a little bit more or make us really become active in seeking change; or would we become frivolous, knowing it will all soon be over; or would it cause us to tense up with the thought that this day could be our last?

The thought of dying used to really freak me out, especially @ bed time when I was younger, so much so that I would cry and not be able to fall asleep until I got my mind off the subject.  It still kinds of freaks me out when I think about it because it is so unknown.  Aside from a belief in the afterlife one might have based on religious beliefs, we really know nothing except that fact that one day our hearts will no longer beat and our brain will no longer function, and someday, someone will pronounce us dead.  But what happens to us?  Is that the end, or is there more?  We don’t know, and we really can’t know.  So it’s a bit scary.

When I think about my own mortality, it makes me want to follow what’s in my heart in the here and now, but that’s not usually prudent.  I think the important part, then, is to live life fully and to seek a life without regrets.  My time line may be for something to happen today or tomorrow or next week, but that may not fit with someone else’s plan (or an ultimate plan) of the same even occurring two or more years down the line.

However you chose to live, though, I hope you make it a full life.  Try to recognize that life has no overtime, at least not on this earth, so make the best use of the time you’ve been blessed with.  It truly is a gift, and we all need to treasure it.


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