Most people in my life are probably “cleaner” than I am, but I’m OK with that. In fact, I sometimes wonder what all the fuss is about the insane amount of cleanliness that needs to be occurring. I mean, if I use a plate, don’t really wash/clean it off, let it sit on my desk, and then use it again a day later, am I really doing that much damage to myself, or more importantly to anyone around me?

Personally, I think we have a little too much hygiene in our lives. Now before I get started, I’ll let you know that I brush my teeth and floss regularly as to preserve my teeth, I shower often so I don’t stink for those around me, and I wash my hands after using the rest room (unlike the large percentage of men I see using public restrooms, so maybe we do need a little more hygiene, but I digress), so I’m not promoting bad hygiene by any means, but I think we sometimes go a little over the top.

If you think about it, a little dirt or germs isn’t going to hurt you. In fact, in many ways, it makes you a bit stronger. By allowing your body to build up some resistance to the germs that are floating around, you’ll get sick less often and can thus live a little bit fuller of a life.  In fact, studies suggest that, for washing your hands, “normal” soap is just as good as anti-bacterial soap, which may actually contribute to the growth of bacterial resistant to antibiotics.

So what am I really saying?  If your roll falls on the floor, it’s probably not big deal to pick it up and eat it.  A bit of “uncleanliness” isn’t going to kill you — it may actually make you a bit stronger.  “Disinfecting” things is good, but not always absolutely necessary.  It’s great to say clean, but don’t make it an obsession.  Take life in stride and you may, in body and spirit, may just be a little bit healthier.


3 Responses to hygiene

  1. Peg Bjorlin says:

    Love the picture. Its great

  2. eric bjorlin says:

    I think the news people are reading my blog… Check out this “5-second rule” news report.

  3. […] 13th, 2007 by eric bjorlin I think the news people are reading my blog… Check out this “5-second rule” news […]

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