biking (as a form of transportation)

Can I tell you how much I love biking as a form of transportation? I love it this (imagine me and someone running to opposite sides of a field with opposite arms and hands outstretched such my left hand and their right hand indicate the huge width of love) much.

This year of biking every day I could (and some that I shouldn’t have) to work has been a blessing to me. The distance is such that it’s a pretty short trip (12-15 minutes) and a place to store my bike inside once I get here. I get some exercise, I save money on bus fare or gas (if I had a car to begin with), and I get to become better in tune with the neighborhood in which I work and bike through. After 9 or so months of biking the same route to work, I really feel a sense of ownership and belonging to those streets. I know I still need to be careful, but I also feel as if it’s my community and there’s no reason I need to hide or shy away from it.

Not only have I biked to work, but I’ve biked to baseball games, see movies, curling and rugby practice, the grocery story, church, and so many other great locations. And now with summer in full swing, I plan on taking some bike “rides” and, hopefully, going to the beach!

I’ve already written about petrol, which biking helps to reduce the need for, and the idea of trying to live closer to where you work, which would make more a shorter bike ride (obviously). And after getting my heartbeat going in the morning, I just feel more ready for the day. I would love to say I want to bike to work for the rest of my life (until I get old and such), but I’m not willing to put that kind of restriction on my future living and working situation just yet. But it will definitely be something I’ll be thinking about, and I suggest you do, too. I can spout out all kinds of benefits, but don’t just take my word for it — if you every have the chance, give it a try. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

I found a few interesting websites re: biking to work, so check out one or more of them:
BikeCommune, Ken Kifer testimonial and articles, Commute by Bike blog, and many more!
And I won’t even mention my past thoughts of being a bicycle messenger… maybe another time :)


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