i love my alarm clock

This is a bit of a superfluous topic, but I woke up this weekend when my alarm went off (I definitely don’t love the fact that I need an alarm clock — I much prefer camp “wake up music”) and thought how much I enjoy the specific model of alarm clock I have had since I started college. Let me give you the specs on this thing:

It has not one but two alarms, which can be set to the desired time and each can be given the radio or the alarm — Now, I’ve heard of alarm clocks that you can set up to use a CD player instead of the radio, and that might be the only feature that could make my alarm clock better, but it’s nothing big since I tend to be an alarm person anyway.

It also has your normal “sleep” timer, which plays the radio for a certain amount of time before it automatically shuts off. You can set this anywhere from 1 to 119 minutes.

It has a “nap” timer, which can be used for a quick alarm when one doesn’t want to set an actual alarm. While you can only have the alarm go off and not the radio, it allows one to adjust the “nap” timer from 10 minutes to 2 hours in 10 minute increments. It works well for someone like me who enjoys both 20 and 60 minute naps from time to time.

It, of course, has the obvious AM and FM radio tuner, which is a dial and not digital, perhaps another area which could be improved upon, but let’s remember this thing was (likely — I got it so long ago) under $20.

But my favorite feature, which I’ve mentioned on many occasions to others, and which I have not found on any other alarm clocks, is an adjustable snooze time. Most alarm clocks have a pre-set snooze time of 9 minutes, which my alarm clock has, too. However, I am also able to adjust the length of my snooze! I, for whatever reason, have chosen 4 minutes to be an adequate amount of time for me to snooze, perhaps because even if I hit it twice, that’s still less than the normal snooze. And just the fact that such an option exists I think is praise enough for my alarm clock.

Is your alarm clock better? Do you want more info about my clock so you, too, can own it? Let me know!


3 Responses to i love my alarm clock

  1. Peg Bjorlin says:

    My alarm clock is definately not better. I have the usual 9 minute snooze button. Where did you get this alarm clock anyway.

  2. Beth says:

    I am really interested in your alarm clock, especially because of the adjustable snooze time feature. What brand is it? Where did you get it?

  3. eric bjorlin says:

    For Beth or anyone else who is looking for a similar alarm:

    Mine is a GE alarm clock, your standard red numbers, am/fm clock radio, and the model #7-4839A — I hope you find it or something similar!

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