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Hey — So after a few days off, I decided to get back on the horse and give another post for you to enjoy. However, it’s more just a spattering of links that I’ve found in the past week that I’ve enjoyed reading/viewing and wanted to share, so I hope you enjoy!

Last week I ran across these two clips of alternate ways (other than the basic “up and down” method you probably used growing up) to multiple large numbers. They’re pretty sweet to see, though I prefer (like most of us, I suppose) what I know.

Ever think of taking a year off to travel? I have — and still might. Here are some good, though not very detailed, tips one person found important.

Where to live? A recurring question in my life. I came across a place of the 10 Best Places to Live (based not on what I need in such a place) and then a nice 2006 ranking (2007 soon to come, it seems) of good places for singles to live (Chicago not even in the top 20, but Milwaukee, the Twin Cities, Columbus, Balt/DC, and Seattle did make the cut). Check it out if you’re single and thinking about where to live any time soon…  (And what I think is a more current listing of Best Cities for Young Professionals by Forbes.)

And if you’re looking for something a little more in depth, check out this article about a Late Night Shots, “a very exclusive, invite-only social-networking Web site” began in DC and now in a few other cities, too. It’s quite to ride (the article, and the club, it seems), and has even sparked a blog about the group. Needless to say, I won’t be joining up when I hit DC next month :)

And an interesting news blurb about how teenage girls talking excessively about their problems can actually lead to long term anxiety (without a similar result for boys).

Do you have any more links/articles of interest? I’m always looking for interesting things to read


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    What about as a link?

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