cat predicts deaths (and other news of the week)

Yes, it’s true (apparently). It was an interesting article I came across. If there was a way to know a few hours before your terminally ill family member was going to die, wouldn’t you want to know? What I’m wondering is if people would be willing to pay (a little bit?) more to put their family members in such a nursing and rehabilitation center. And if so, should money drive even these sorts of things?

Other interesting web finds this week:

Apparently the Chinese think they can control the weather during 2008 Olympic games. But apparently making rain is easier than destroying rain clouds. Who knew?

Some sad news in baseball, where a minor league coach was killed by line drive while coaching Sunday. It’s sad to think about, but one really can never know when death will come, so live life to the fullest!

I was thinking about mentioning Lindsey Lohan’s most recent troubles with the law, but you already probably have too much celebrity worship in other areas of your life, so I won’t link to any more here. And if you’re interested in that kind of thing, I’m sure you’ve read about it already or at least know where to find out more.

NBA officiating problems… What can I say here, really?  Bill Simmons does a good job of telling you what’s up.  But when you have an official with (alleged) mob ties altering games to make the spread or the over/under (total number of points scored), how can you find any kind of credibility in your sport?  This year was the first I started to show an interest in the NBA, as I jumped on the Cavs bandwagon with the help of a few Cavs fans, and it was fun, I must say (no Cubs baseball, but I don’t think anything will reach that level).  And now?  Well, sometimes ignorance is bliss, I suppose.  And you’re paying for entertainment, right, so why care too much?  Let’s just get rid of rules that ban blood transfusions (Tour de France) and steroids (baseball), and then we’ll all just know people do them and they won’t be cheating, so what will the big deal be, right?

Public nudity.  I had no idea it was legal in Vermont!  But apparently it is.  Unless you push the limits and your town bans it.  Maybe I’ll head to Vermont next summer, because there’s obviously not enough other options to see nude people. (I’ll refrain from links to playboy online and exotic dance club websites to keep this blog semi-family oriented and because, again, if your interested,  you can find them on your own.)

And have you heard of Get Fuzzy? This Sunday strip is an instant classic.


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