concert etiquette

I was at a concert Saturday evening (with open standing), and there were a few things that got me thinking about how people act when they’re at a “rock” concert without any seats where one just stands for the show. Most of the issues are just about common sense and respect, but I also attended with a friend a foot shorter than me, so I was thinking about what it’s like to be shorter than I am and not have the ability to just look over (almost) everyone’s heads and see pretty much anything, wherever I’m standing. So here are a few things to think about:

Don’t come late and expect you can just push yourself to the front – don’t be an ass or a bitch and think it’s your right to be closer to the stage than I am just because you don’t know me personally and can walk all over me if you choose. I hope someone spills beer on you, anyway.

There comes a point where you really shouldn’t count on leaving your spot and coming back to it again – if you want to buy a beer or a shirt or something, do it before things get too crazy so I don’t think you’re an ass because you’re pushing your way in front of me (see above).

Do we have to be so close together? – Some people like to move around and dance, at least a bit, so leave a little room for that.

Moshing? Seriously? – I understand the need/desire to mosh, but if the headliner isn’t a band you’d mosh to, then, I’m sorry, you really can’t mosh to other bands, either.

There’s never going to be a perfect way for everyone to stand – Some people are tall, some are short, some are in between, and height shouldn’t determine how close or far from the stage someone is able to stand. Just try to respect that fact.

I’m tall, and I really can’t help it – someone has to stand behind me, and I’m sorry if you’re that person. I try to respect that fact, but if you’re there in time, you’ll either be in front of me or have a chance to avoid me.

If we all just respected each other at shows, I think there’d be a lot more love and many fewer pissed off people because someone slid in front of them as if they had a ticket for that exact spot. We all paid the same price, so deal with it.

(an addendum 24 Sept 2007):
I was at another concert where we were in seats, but some people obviously wanted to stand.  Who has the right here?  I think that depends on the music being presented.  Classical music?  Let’s all stay seated.  Acoustic guitar?  That’s a bit more questionable.  “Rock” band/artist?  If the people in front of you want to stand, suck it up and stand youself. I’m sure years ago they were in a venue that didn’t even have chairs, so just be thankful you had a chair to sit in before they actually started playing.


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