being sick sucks

So how come it’s that we never recognize how awesome it is to be healthy until we’re sick?  Right now that’s the case for me, as I’ve been battling something for about 2 weeks and it finally took over Monday morning.  And it sucks!   I know you’ve suffered the case of sore throat where you can hardly swallow, and that’s pretty much where I am now.  Luckily I was able to get in to an appointment Wednesday morning, but wouldn’t it be better if I could have just walked somewhere and showed up without an appointment?  People say you have to wait for days and days in other countries, but if you’ve had the experience I’ve had with urban doctors and clinics these past few years, you’d know that one can easily wait days to schedule an appointment here in the U.S., too.  Last year I had to call my doctor 2 days in advance to get on the schedule when it wasn’t a “planned” appointment.

When I was on the phone with my dad yesterday, he made a good point — we push people down and make them wait for days and then they have to go to emergency rooms where it’s far more expensive for everyone instead of allowing things to be caught early on.  If I could just walk in to any clinic any where — in Baltimore where I was this weekend, for example, instead of having to wait until I returned to DC — wouldn’t that be a better system?  (I touched on this whole discussion a little bit when I wrote the good samaritan post.)

But all I can do now is wait until 10:30 tomorrow morning to find out what’s wrong and get some medicine before heading to the pharmacy to get said medicine (likely the generic to save money) and then wait until it starts kicking in.  Don’t you love America’s health care system?


One Response to being sick sucks

  1. laura says:

    Sorry to hear that you’re sick! Hope it gets better very soon. Somehow, we need more physicians, or else more people who can see you and prescribe something – pharmacists, nurse practitioners or something like that. My dad’s a doc and people have to wait a while to see him, just because there are so many patients. So if we can fix that problem, we can have more walk-ins.

    ‘Course, then you might have a walk-in system bogged down by hypochondriacs…but no system is perfect, you just have to find the best compromise, I guess.

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