judging, or making one question?

So again tonight (this time now quite so subtly) I was told by someone that I often times come off as judgmental. Now, I’m assuming you probably wouldn’t want to be called such an adjective by others, so, as you might expect, I tend to go on the defensive. But tonight I looked at it as a question to grow from and went a little further in my inquisition, getting a few examples for me to ponder over, and I’ve come up with a few possibilities. Do they seem to ring true?

The obvious: I’m judgmental and don’t do a very good job hiding it. But really, aren’t we all judgmental to a sense, so are my actions really wrong or just faux pas?

Another option: It’s more about me letting you know I’m questioning your thoughts or actions and that I think you should be questioning them, too. It may come across as I think I’m right and you’re wrong (which is sometimes how I feel — we all do), but it might also be that I’m not totally sure what I think, so why not let this be something for further thought within each of us?

Both of these, though, lead me back to a key question I’ve discussed with friends and still haven’t been able to come up with a really good answer for (we’d enjoy your help):
How does a person get someone to change actions or ideas that are confirmed (sometimes even scientifically) to be bad or harmful or unjust or just plain wrong?

How does one get another to truly believe in the need to recycle in a way that changes their behavior? How does one get another with the ability (i.e. they live in a city) to use less fossil fuels to do so in order to stop global warming? How does one get another person to believe in only producing one child per person, thus not increasing the population?

These are pretty scientific things listed above, so shouldn’t there be some kind of logical and sensible way to make others see what should be done? Or am I even now being judgmental and egotistical? Do tell…


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