less meat=less methane (save the earth!)

Friday 14 September 2007

It’s not every day that one comes across an article that talks about “methane flatulence,” but such was the case yesterday.

It’s quite to argument — eat less meat to fight global warming.  (Of course, you have to believe global warming is real before you’d accept this as a reason to eat less met, but I’ll operate under the assumption you’re not that dense.)

When the year started, I challenged my friends and family (in one of my updates) to the “100 Servings” challenge.  It was a simple way to encourage people to eat less meat without giving it up totally — only two meals with meat per week.  Is this so hard?  Well, the article reveals things a few ways.  First, the statement that, “In developed countries, people typically eat about 224 grams (of meat) per day. But in Africa, most people only get about 31 grams a day,” shows the disparity we have in our country compared with other countries. From an environmental outlook, “if the global average were 90 grams per day, that would prevent the levels of gases from speeding up climate change.”

I also liked the quote by Geri Brewster, a nutritionist at Northern Westchester Hospital in New York: “As a society, we are over-consuming protein.” Most people I share my vegetarian habits with are concerned about my protein intake — as they should be — but when you hear a line like that, you wonder if people are a little too concerned about protein and meat eating.

So will you take up the challenge and eat less meat?  There were always good reasons to eat less or no meat before, and now there seems to be another one.  Will this one, or maybe the sum total of them all, change your eating habits?  I hope so…