home IS where the heart is

I went to the Friends Meeting again this past Sunday.  The way things were looking, I thought we were going to go the whole hour with no one talking (in only my second week! — I wonder if that ever happens?), but with maybe 8 minutes left someone spoke, and then two more did a bit of rapid fire before things ended.  What hit me, in all their talking, was one simple line a woman who spoke on homelessness and it’s counterpart, home; it went something like this: even in our transient world and ways of life, we still have a home that we take with us, even if we are away from the place we might otherwise think of as our home.

For someone like myself — a person who, looking backward, has lived in DC for a month and a half, Milwaukee the 12 months before that, camp the summer/3 months before that, and in Evanston, IL before that — it was comforting to hear that I still have a home.  And I think she spoke true about that, especially for me, home right now isn’t a certain address or even a certain city.  People like to say they’re a “citizen of the world,” and I suppose that would be the best way to characterize the state I’m in.  Maybe you’re there now, too, in that search, on a journey like the one I’ve been talking about for a while now, while still thinking about the possibilities of settling down or finding a location to call your own.

For me, I think the word “home” will always mean more than the house I sleep in.  Home is really the love of people I carry with me.  I have an amazing assortment of friends and family across the country (no one really across the world at the very moment) that I think about often.  They give me strength and hope.  If you’re reading this and know me, you’re likely one of those people.  Since I have this great group of people there, cheering me on, I don’t feel, necessarily, like I’m without a home.  In my upcoming 5 week trip, I plan on staying with at least 9 people I know, with most of the others being someone directly connected with someone I know.  In a way, I’ll be coming home at each of those visits.

I suppose that’s what makes me a little more easily do this journey thing.  I do think I’ll need some close connections wherever I am, but I have so much love coming to me from all over that it never really feels like too big a deal to move somewhere new.  My address may change again and again and again, but I will never lose my home.


One Response to home IS where the heart is

  1. Peg Bjorlin says:

    You are loved by many and no one any more than me. You are a part of me and I always carry you in my heart. Wherever you go, whatever you do, whatever your address may be I will always be cheering you on.

    Also remember you always have a place in our home structure if you ever need one. God bless you on your 5 week journey. Be safe and enjoy the journey.

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