My LVC “manifesto”

Friday 19 October 2007

So as you are (or you should be) aware by now, I’m on the road now, talking with people about my experiences with Lutheran Volunteer Corps.  As part of that, I wrote a longer reflection about LVC and the issues around LVC that are important to me, as well as describe a bit about the program.  As always, the LVC website is a great place to get the basics of LVC, but I thought you might be interested in reading my little “sermon” about my experience with LVC and why I support its mission. 

Depending on your desire, you can pick from two options:
Overwhelmed (secular)
Overwhelmed (religious)
They’re exactly the same, except the “religious” one is a bit longer with a Biblical context inserted into the main idea.  I’d read one and then maybe look at the differences because reading both really wouldn’t be that exciting.