beautiful life

pb070698.jpgI don’t normally write about day to day things, but yesterady was an amazing day!  After over two months without a bike (5 of that driving a car!), I was able to get one from a friend, so in the past 4 days, I’ve been able to bike around DC, and it’s been amazing!  Riding down the streets for free(!), using no energy by my own, has a great feeling to it.  And last night, two co-workers and I were invited to dinner with our “boss,” and we all biked the 2+ miles there, and as I was trailing them, it just brought joy to my heart!  All of us, collectively, going against the norms of society, along with the many others biking along with us, was an amazing feeling.

Some other things yesterday and today have made it an amazing time back here in DC.  One was today my wearing of this awesome t-shirt I got over a month ago before I went on the road.  When I saw it, I just had to purchase it.  I was at a “craft fair,” and it was sold by the great people of Mr. Pickles, who you should check out.

And last, but certainly not least, we last night made our own sushi!  It was so much fun to make and wrap and cut and eat!  I love little things like that.

 Sometimes life is just joyful, so you rejoice.  This week seems to be one of those times, and I’m definitely not taking it for granted!


One Response to beautiful life

  1. Peg Bjorlin says:

    It is so nice to know you are having amazing days. We all need to stop sometimes and rejocie over the small things in the big picture that make life an awesome great experience. Amazing days makes us appreciate those and remember them when some days are not so good.

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