giving thanks

When I really sit back and think about the things I’m thankful for, I could name a lot.  But what’s really been hitting me hard lately is how much I’m thankful for people.

People in my life take all shapes and forms — some I live with, some I work with, some I hang out with, some are family, some live close by and others live hundreds of miles away, some I talk to daily and others every month or so, some I exchange letters with — and that is good.  I am thankful for the many and varied ways in which I connect with others.  I’m 25, but I feel that I have, at least for me, recognized that the meaning of life is all about building and sustaining beautiful and edifying relationships, and in all I do, I really strive to make that my priority in living.  I would suggest it of you, too, if it isn’t already.

I am thankful to have so many people in my life who I know love and support me and all the endeavors that I might carry out, who love and respect and honor the unique person that I am.  Acceptance is something that I have become to hold very dear to my heart, because in this world, it’s somehow so hard to find that.  I am who I am — my beliefs, my upbringing, my wonders, my actions — some of which can be changed, some of which cannot.  I continue to evolve as a person, and I truly value those in my life who recognize and encourage the changes that are happening.

As it goes right now, I don’t seem to be on the “standard” track of living, which I continue to daily accept as my destiny, and to have others who truly respect that as who and what I am is invaluable.  While I could probably muster up the energy and courage to do what I feel called to on my own, it becomes so much easier when there are others there to offer their love and support.

On this fourth Thursday in November, 2008, I thank all those who give me the love I need and meet me where I am.  I am truly honored to have you in my life, and I pray that I am doing the same for you.


One Response to giving thanks

  1. Jason says:

    Happy Thanksgiving

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