like a chicken…

Even though I grew up in a rural area (when people say they’re from a small town, it usually doesn’t mean to them what it means to me — 1200 people), I’ve never actually seen a chicken run around with its head cut off.  Perhaps that’s a good thing.  I’m sure most of the people out there have never experienced such a sight, but we use the phrase nonetheless.

In many ways, I feel like the schedule I’ve created for myself the last few weeks of November and the first half of December have put me in a similar situation as such a chicken, at least in terms of scheduling.  All in all, in the course of about 4 weeks (which I’m about half way through now), I’ll have slept in 7 different states/districts and been in about 4 more.  That’s even more than my 5 week recruiting trip!  I don’t think the travel itself is really what’s caused me to feel a little scattered, but more the fact that I haven’t really done a lot of planning for all this, or at least the amount of planning I’m used to (and certainly nothing compared to what I did for my time recruiting).

This past Monday and Tuesday I was in Chicago with my brother, and many of the plans happened a few days before or the day of — not quite what I’m used to, but Monday worked out surprisingly well, and Tuesday went quite well, too (once we got past the whole showing up late to our first meeting thing).  Perhaps that just means I need to recognize that success can still be found when you don’t have a huge plan in the works — but I still think it helps.

As you may or may not know, my “life planning” has been much more short-term than it was in the past, but I’ve learned to deal with that.  As of now, I only have confirmed plans through 5 April, though some close to confirmed things for the few months after that.  I think what helps me deal with that is having some kind of possible plans out there and the willingness to change those as necessary.

I’m trying to live life and go where I feel called and pulled to go, and if that means trying to get away from my planning mentality a little bit (it will never happen fully — it’s part of who I am), then it’s what I’ll continue to work on.  But for now, I’ll try to do some planning for the next few weeks in hopes of making them fun and successful — though I’m confident that being with the people I plan on being with during that time will create wonderful memories no matter what.


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