buried on page 9

I’m sure most of you reading this blog right now have some idea about the outcomes of the various primary elections and caucuses held across the country on “Super Tuesday.” There are so many stories out there, I won’t even link to any of them. But another interesting story caught my eye as I was checking my e-mail on this Tuesday evening: U.S. Acknowledges Use of Waterboarding. I first saw the headline on a Yahoo! link, and it was actually the same AP story as the NY Times had on their website — but that was once I found the article on the Times website. I hunted all over, in every section I thought possible, and I finally found it when I actually searched under “waterboarding.”

Now I really hope I’m not the one to break this story to you — especially if it’s already a few days past my writing of this — but I wouldn’t really be that surprised if I was. Why? Well, what better day to let your CIA Director (who is also a General in the Air Force, by the way) spill the beans on such a volatile subject as waterboarding than on the day when most of the country and the world — including and especially the media. I’m not saying the election isn’t big news — it will decided some of our fate for the years 2009-2012 — but how about this waterboarding thing?

And you can’t tell me this isn’t very coordinated and strategic planning to let this “slip” when it did, can you? As the blog title alludes to, I’m sure this story will be slipped somewhere inside the pages of the news that many may not have time to get to as they look at all the data and numbers from Tuesdays voting and caucusing. I hope it will be there at all!

I’m sure you’ll hear about it later — things like, “In early February, the CIA admitted to the waterboarding of three ‘terror suspects’ during 2002 and 2003” — but there will be no front page news, no shock to the system.

I don’t know about you, but how can something like that not disenfranchise you from our government and military at work? Something needs to give.


One Response to buried on page 9

  1. You said it right there. Something definitely needs to give.

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