giving it all away

I wrote last week about striving to truly give away all one has and a world with no possessions, so it was appropriate that I glanced over at a woman reading the New York Times on my plane ride home Sunday night and saw her reading this article that I was then able to read when I returned home: Easy Come, Easy Go for Idealistic Heirs.

It’s an interesting article you should read that I won’t talk about in detail, but there was one quote at the end of the article by non 59-year-old David Crocker who gave away a lot of money when he was younger: “I don’t know if it’s because I’m older, having come a long way from where I was, but I see that it’s important for people to be kind to themselves and prudent with their financial resources.” I won’t give away Mr. Crocker’s profession, which is also quite ironic, but his mindset is interesting, as is his phrasing: “Kind to themselves.”

It is a great challenge and responsibility to have money. In fact, if you’re reading this blog, it’s likely you fall in the top 15% of people financially worldwide (if you earn over $9500 a year). So you and I both, as are so many others, are responsible for great wealth and must use our current power to distribute the world’s resources more equitably. Can we do it? Let’s give it a try.


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