overconfident much?

The tittle needed an extra parenthentical:
Bush says he’s confident about creation of a Palestinian state (but it’s really overconfidence)

While I won’t get into the argument here of whether or not a Palestinian state is even possible any more, my claim of Bush’s overconfidence is more the fact that he thinks it can be accomplished by the time he leaves office in January.  Really, he should have taken a cue from his own quote: “I’m confident we can achieve the definition of a state.  I’m also confident that it’s going to require hard work.”

The last sentence of the above article really says a lot, too: “The core issues remain the final borders of a Palestinian state, the fate of Jerusalem, disputed Israeli settlements, refugees, water and future relations between the two states.”  But really; that’s nothing that can’t be figured out in 8 or so months now, is it?

Even though I really don’t think it’s possible, it may be the first (and only) time I hope President Bush is actually right about something.

(On second thought, there are many times I’ve HOPED he’s been right, but how many times has that actually happened…?)


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