Getting back on the horse

Wednesday 2 July 2008

So if you were paying attention (to my blog, that is — hopefully you’ve been paying attention to many other aspects of life), you probably realized the absence of any new posts since the month of May! Gasp, I know. I could give reasons and reasons, but I think it just boils down to the fact that I’ve been a bit removed from society since 1 June when I started work (once again) at Camp Mowana in Mansfield, Ohio. We first had two weeks of staff training and then I worked one week in Port Clinton, Ohio at a Bible School/Day Camp there and then last week at Mowana for a confirmation camp. Currently I have a (forced) week of vacation, but it’s given me a chance to visit my parents and a friend in New York (state), so aside from the loss of pay, I can’t complain. I’ve worked at Mowana in various degrees since summer 2002 (with a noted absence as a paid staffer last summer), and I’ve having a lot of fun and enjoyment again this summer.

But back to the fact that I haven’t written a blog entry in over 40 days! At first I was thinking that being away from televisions and the Internet (for the most part) while I’m at camp has just caused me to have less to think and write about, thus the lack of any blog material, but then I realized that wasn’t true. I think it’s two-fold: first, there is little (if any) time when I can sit in front of a computer and spill out some thoughts into a blog to post and share with you; if I have a free moment, I like to either be taking a break or hanging out with other staff members, as Mowana is probably the best community I can ever hope to live in.

The existence of community is much the reason why I probably don’t post much any more, too. I tend to think most of my blog posts tend to be about thoughts of ideas that I have and like to think about while I’m writing then down and then they get to be shared with you. But when I’m around such amazing people all the time who love to talk about different ideas and subjects of life, I tend to have those conversations in person, thus getting a lot of the thoughts out verbally and thus not feeling as much need to write anything down.

That being said, I think I’ll try to carve out some more time this summer (I think this post has taken maybe 15 minutes to write) to find some quite time to type up some thoughts and ideas I can share with you, especially since people actually do notice when I’ve been absent for such a long period of time! Here’s to you, loyal readers!