a few poems

Tuesday 8 September 2009

As I continue to look and apply for jobs on the East Coast around in Non-Profit work in areas of Youth or Organizing or Activism or Advocacy or Volunteerism (any leads for me, please let me know!), I spend most of my writing energy doing cover letters.  I have hopes of getting a series of blogs together with lessons I’ve learned form my time this summer as a gardener, but for now I’m culling my personal archives to bring you some writings from the past.  Here are a few poems I wrote many years ago (note the dates) during college that I hope you enjoy!

Love May Be A Word (28 Nov 2000)

Love may be a word, an emotion even
but can it be described                        —No—
Love is an UNdescribable feeling
(maybe not according to Webster, but to me it is)

Is love What it is?

When I think about her out of the blue?
When I smile when I see her face or hear her voice?
When my day turns around in her presence?
When that thing with her right hand on the side of her face as she tilts her head that way
and sort of smiles and says “aww” just makes me want to kiss her?
When I stay up until two just to be in her presence a little longer?
When something happens and I want her to be the first to know?
When I write a poem about how I feel and wonder if it is love?

The Snow (1 March 2002)

It was snowing,
just like in the movies.

The kind of snow that sticks to the
actors’ hair and clothes in a way you
know it’s not real snow.

The kind of snow that you see so much
in the movies that you stop believing it
actually exists.

That’s how it was snowing;
and it was beautiful,
just like you.