war crimes obviously a debbie downer

In a speech on Monday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that he would not allow any Israelis to be prosecuted for war crimes because of their actions this past winter in the attack on Gaza. (Full news story here: Netanyahu: No war crimes trials for Israelis)

OK, so obviously no one wants to be thought of a committing war crimes or crimes against humanity — it’s a debbie downer — but there are certainly acts that constitute such definition (Wikipedia‘s War Crimes definition here).  The fact that Netanyahu would make such a statement is just an example of how he, and Israel in general, feel they are above international law and the critiques of outsiders who wish to get in the way of what Israel is doing.

Israel wasn’t the only group condemned in the Goldstone Report — Hamas also was listed as committing such atrocities.  But for one to make such a blatantly provocative statement continues to show just how much Netanyahu believes he can do anything he wants and face no consequence.  The U.S. government and its people need to recognize this and do something about it.

The current BDS movement is something you should check out.  It may be the only way to effectively create change in the region.


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