if you don’t like socialism…

…then you must HATE communism, right?

I’m not going to get into the discussion now of whether or not “socialized medicine” is a good thing, and I’m certainly not going to discuss whether the current US health reform constitutes such a phrase and how I feel on the topic.

However, the comments being thrown around in this whole debate have shown that a lot of people don’t support socialist ideas, and we all know that communism is the extreme form of socialism, right?  Are those who decry socialism so much (and thus communism) aware that China happens to be a communist country?

If you’re one of those complaining about socialism/communism in this country, you don’t want to support a communist country, do you?  If not, you should put your money where your mouth is and protest products made in China.  It’s not that hard; everything has a label where it’s been made, so check it out and made a conscious decision.  We all know that the only vote that matters these days is the one you make with your pocket-book, so if you’re truly against the evils of socialism/communism and gung-ho for capitalism, try not to be a hypocrite as you do your shopping this holiday season.

Shop Capitalist!


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