making babies

I’ve long questioned the idea of donating eggs and sperm, especially with many children available for adoption and the population continuing to grow.  In many cases you get one “part” of the new baby donated (read “purchased”) and the other piece is used from one of the parents that are intended to raise the new child (though many times these manufactured births bring about multiple babies).  Sometimes both parents can use their egg/sperm but a surrogate must bring the child to term.

I know there are probably lots of arguments to be made, some I’ve probably not heard of, but for now, I’m not much in favor of doctors/scientists “creating” or “manufacturing” children.  Firstly, there is so much expense ($$) required to create a baby this way it seems to be a big waste, especially when there are plenty of children already born looking for a good home!

Why don’t people want to adopt?  There are plenty of reasons, I’m sure, but often times I think it comes down to selfishness and the desire to have a “blood child.”  Adopted children are often times looked at by society as “less than” “natural” children.  Until we find ways to better this ideal, the push for non-adoption practices will continue.

I could ramble on about this a lot more, I’m sure, but I want to take some of your reading energy to the NY Times article titled 21st-Centutry Babies — Building a Baby, With Few Ground Rules.  There is a lot there, though not necessarily a lot about some of the issues I brought up.  I do want to pull out a few quotes from the article that point to some of the issues I have with this practice:

“Ms. Kehoe handpicked the egg donor, a pre-med student at the University of Michigan. From the Web site of California Cryobank, she chose the anonymous sperm donor, an athletic man with a 4.0 high school grade-point average.”

“… it is now essentially possible to order up a baby, creating an emerging commercial market for surrogate babies …”

I think this is a great topic for conversation, so please, leave some comments and come back to read others!  (Now, click to see making babies, pt. 2!)


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  1. Brian Mitchell says:

    I absolutely am loving this post :) totally going to have to remember to add this to the list.

  2. Pamila Goree says:

    Love this post! Thanks for this. I’ll be sure to come back again. P.S: I’ve bookmark your site as well.

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