my favorite movies of the 2000s, #23 and #24

And thus I continue with my 25 favorite movies of the 2000’s first decade.

#25: (500) Days of Summer (2009)

#24: FLOW: For Love Of Water (2008)
You’ll see more documentaries on my list, but just because this movie is at #24 doesn’t mean you should overlook it.  It tells the story of all things water.  It tells how corporations are raping the ground water and bottling it for big cash (not to mention how destructive all that plastic is).  It tells how in certain countries, water became a private entity, such that collecting rain water for personal use was illegal (thanks World Bank)!  It makes you realize just important water is (in case you didn’t realize it) and how much people in the U.S. take it for granted, and how if we continue to take it for granted, there could be horrible repercussions to pay.  It truly is a love poem for water, and you need to see it!  (I asked for it for Christmas, so maybe you can borrow it sometime soon.)

On a side note, the NY Times has been doing a great series about toxic water in the U.S.  Check out the various articles here.  (There are lots of great links to information for your local water supply anywhere in the U.S., so check it out if you have some time today or in the near future.)

#23: In The Bedroom (2001)
Because it’s been a good length of time since I saw this movie, I don’t remember it too much, but I do remember the awe I felt during and after watching it.  I saw this movie when I was still under 20 and early into my “serious” movie viewing, and it just hit me pretty hard.  You can get the synopsis somewhere else, but I will say it’s an intimate look at an adult family and how being dealt with unforeseen occurrences can change things more than you would ever believe.  Great performances from all involved!

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow!

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