curling breaking news: US skip John Shuster benched!

First, here are a few places that confirm my information:
US Skip Shuster Benched for France Match
Men’s Round Robin Session 6 Results

That’s right — you heard it hear first (maybe), but the US mens curling team skip (captain/leader), John Shuster is benched after starting round robin play 0-4.  He wasn’t just demoted to a lower spot on the team, but taken out completely!

After winning bronze four years ago, Shuster has missed shot after shot so far this tournament, “choking” many would say, when given the change to score points and win games.  For this reason, it was decided by the coach to bring in the alternate to replace Shuster — the virtual team leader and captain of the team — and letting the alternate Chris Plys, skip the team.  Plys likely came in to this Olympics thinking he’d never get a chance, but here he is, at 22, getting an opportunity of a lifetime to lead a team that was virtually created by Shuster.  While it’s unlikely the US can come back from a 4 loss hole to make the medal round, this is quite the turn of events, to say the least.

It just goes to show you that you never know what can happen — and maybe my run for the Olympics as a curler in a few years aren’t as far fetched as I thought!


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