do you know OK go?

So, I think I had heard the name of the band OK Go before today, but until today they were only a name.  That’s when I saw this video, which began my journey for the day.

The video is for the song “This Too Shall Pass” and was released Monday, apparently.  The main concept is that of a large Rube Goldberg Machine — you know, one of those contraptions that had a lot of steps and various things happen along the way before it does something tiny at the end (you know, Wallace & Gromit style).  It was designed by Syyn Labs and is pretty darn amazing.  Perhaps the best part is getting to see all the various things happen along the way, as the camera follows the action.  (Also, I came across a Rube Golberg Machine contest, held at Purdue, with some video of machines created for that event, too.)

I also then came across their previous viral video that I’m apparently way behind the times viewing, considering it has nearly 50 million views at this writing.  What I find most enjoyable are some of the moves that look like they’re roller skating (at about the 2:30 mark)!  Pretty sweet guys!

What will they do next?


2 Responses to do you know OK go?

  1. Karen says:

    Check out Youtube – there are 4 videos about the making of the machine for this video!

  2. eric bjorlin says:

    Yeah, I saw those “making of” videos, too (and found them only marginally enjoyable myself, thus why I didn’t link them) — here they are if you’re interested, though!

    (continue to) enjoy!

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