Nothing like a productive day job

Hey everyone!

So, were you unaware that for 8 straight weekends I was in Chicago, taking part in a performance workshop/class with the wonderful Neo-Futurists?  The class was an intro to their famous show, Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind, and it culminated with a class performance on 28 February 2010, attended by family, friends, and possibly enemies of class members and instructors.  I know a few of my blog readers were able to attend, but in case you weren’t (and didn’t get a preview performance), one of the plays I wrote and performed, and you can check it out on YouTube!  It’s entitled “Nothing like a productive day job,” and it’s about my thoughts and struggles with unemployment and the job search.

Watch Nothing like a productive day job on YouTube
(I’m giving you the link to click instead of putting it here so you can leave comments on the page.)  Please share this with everyone you think might enjoy it, especially those who are out there like me, looking for work.  We are not alone!

As a class, we performed 20 plays in 40 minutes, using the TMLMTBGB model (the normal show is 30 in 60), and there are 4 other plays you can view on YouTube:
How I Remember the Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy
Priority Lapse
21st Century Love Story

The other play I got in the show was titled “1984. 2010. Whenever.”  I plan on posting that script in an upcoming blog post.

And in case my play makes you depressed, just know that my job search continues in earnest, and I remain positive about it all.  I had an interview Tuesday that seeminly went well, though I won’t know for a couple weeks, and I continue to write and send out cover letters as much as I can motivate myself to.  Good Luck to me!

OK, so if you’re too lazy to click on the link, you can watch it here (though I’m not sure it gets counted on YouTube, another reason to click here instead).

You can leave your comments below, too!


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