don’t let the bedbugs bite!

Perhaps the scariest thing about living in an urban environment these days is not the crime (which always seems bad to an outsider) or the unemployment (depending on the city, or course — sorry Detroit), but the possibility of getting bedbugs!

As someone recently called it the “herpes of apartment dwelling,” it can be easily passed within a building and also possibly between buildings.  I have a few spots on my stomach that I could possibly attribute to a bed I slept in one of my travels, but who knows.  I just hope they didn’t travel with me.  However, an article I read on Thursday noted that it takes a little while for them to “warm up to you” and leave with you, so that’s a possitive possibility.

But now, to the rescuse, we have Dogs That Detect Bedbugs!  This wonderful NY Times article shares the life a bedbug-sniffing dog and its handler who must (take not) allow himself to be the food for bedbugs needed to continue to train the dog and keep the dog’s sniffer keen!

Here’s hoping you never have to face such a problem, but if you do, you now know who to call (and it’s not Ghostbusters).


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