more tragic consequences of war

Here is a short 6 minute video report from Democracy Now! you can watch or read, showing U.S. soldiers in Iraq firing from a helicopter, during which they killed at least three unarmed persons, including two reporters and a father (with children in the back seat injured).

Families of Victims of 2007 US Helicopter Killing React to Leaked Video

I’ve also included link to a longer report on this incident, which includes an interview with a soldier in this unit (no present on that day of combat) that says this is simply how soldiers are trained, and if it’s a problem, it’s part of a much bigger problem.

“This Is How These Soldiers Were Trained to Act”–Veteran of Military Unit Involved in 2007 Baghdad Helicopter Shooting Says Incident Is Part of Much Larger Problem

If you have some time, take a look to watch or read these reports and see what you think.  What are we doing wrong?  What needs to change?  Is there something in the military culture, or maybe something even in our culture as a whole, that makes these kinds of things happen?


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