boycott BP? give it your best shot…

On Tuesday I wrote a blog post about the blame being thrown around regarding the oil fiasco going on in the Gulf of Mexico.  I made the claim that BP was just feeding the appetite for oil in this country.

Today, a few things — first, it was reported Thursday that the estimates of oil flowing into the Gulf were actually too low, and probably about double the original estimates, based on the current data now available.  So that kind of sucks…

Secondly, I read this today: Punishing BP is harder than Boycotting Stations — basically it talks about how the BP stations may or may not receive the oil that BP actually mines, but just carry the BP brand because a few additives put in the gas just before it hits the pump.  In the journey from the center of the earth to the gas pump, it oil stops at at a refinery, among other places, where it’s likely mixed with oil from other companies.

Boycotting BP stations will do nothing to change the larger problem.  Nor will vandalization or picketing.  Only figuring out how to reduce consumption altogether will work.

And after watching more satire about this whole topic on The Daily Show this morning, I’m done laughing.  It’s about time we started taking some action, damn it!


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