fat (and getting fatter)

Monday 11 July 2011

Working for an organization that advocates for health and physical activity (in relation to transportation choices), I continually hear about the obesity epidemic.

Released last week were the latest obesity figures, which you can see (adult and child) here: F as in Fat, 2011. It’s not a pretty site, with every state having an adult population that is at least 15% obese.  In fact, every state except Colorado has an obesity rate of over 20%!

A nice (or ugly) time lapse of rates for the past 25 years can be seen here:

If this interests you further, you can find more data, including breakdowns by race and connections of obesity to diabetes here: CDC Obesity and Overweight statistics.

It appears that we don’t need to be shipped into outer space because of global warming to turn into the obese creatures found in WALL-E.

Fat People in Wall-E