Liberation Time

Tuesday 18 October 2011

“Something is rotten in the state of Denmark” is one of the more famous quotes of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, and for good reason: it succinctly tells the audience just what they need to know.  There’s some screwy stuff happening (if the ghost wasn’t enough of an indication), so viewer beware.

The people who are occupying Wall Street and many other places and cities in the U.S. are saying just that: “There’s something rotten.”  No one is saying they have all or any of the answers, but they know there’s a problem.  The problem is an intense disparity of wealth, and things in this country (and the world, if we’re honest) won’t improve unless we deal with that.

The problem is no one in governmental power seems to want to investigate or talk about that problem.  They say we need more jobs or less taxes to influence growth, but we’re past anything like that.  Without some big shakeup, they inequality will continue.  My only hope is that the oppressed (however you define us/them: people of color, jobless, “the 99%”) continue to join forces and not stand down and be quiet until this shit gets fixed.