Woah, need to update this more often!

I’m a 31-year-old educator, writer, organizer, youth worker, peace maker, and world changer (among other things). After spending approximately 4 years in all sorts of places, I’ve spent the last 3+ years living in Chicago getting paid to do work connecting education/youth and biking/walking with Active Transportation Alliance.

There’s a lot to see on here, and looking back at some old posts, it’s funny to think about how some of my views on things have changed and/or matured. So keep that in mind if you go too far back! However, if you’re looking for somewhere to get started, perhaps one of my favorite writings on this blog is a little post called location, relation, and vocation, talking about how we ground ourselves in this world.


4 Responses to me

  1. Titus Lee says:

    Yo Eric! Happy birthday – sorry I haven’t had much time to reply to your emails / snail mails. I hope you’re having a great life. All the best and God bless… definitely want to talk to you soon

  2. Erin says:

    great blog, bro! You have a way with words.
    God speed from Buenos Aires, Arg

  3. I love your site. Keep it up !

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