post 100!

Monday 21 April 2008

It’s official (well, according to the statistics wordpress does for me) — this is published Post #100!  It’s been a fun ride (at least for me) since I published my first blog entry back on my birthday last May, and I hope you’ve enjoyed things as well, too.  Since I’ve done 100 posts since I started, that’s an average of about one post every 3.5 days, or about two a week.  While in general that seems like a pretty good amount of posting, there are some things I have learned about the blogging world.

One is that if you post consistently every day or every few days, people seem to come back each day, but if you go a long spurt without posts, you seem to quickly lose many readers.  Some people seem to subscribe to the blog, meaning they are notified by some source when it is updated, and others just come back every day or so or whenever they think about it to see what they’ve missed.

Also, I’ve learned that reading other blogs and posting comments can bring in more readers (though if you’re not consistent — and if they’re not interested in what you’re writing — they quickly fade away).

But all this comes back to why I started this blog, and that was simply to get out some thoughts that people could read and think about if they wanted to, and if not, oh well.  As any writer, though, I do crave readers, so I’m constantly going between a desire to do things to bring more readers and not feeling pressure to write unless I want to, but even that’s a challenge.

I am a bit disappointed, though, that there aren’t more comments to my posts, which means either my thoughts and words don’t spark anything for the reader (which I desperately hope is not true) or people just aren’t interested or inspired enough to post a comment of affirmation or questioning or disagreement.  So I challenge you to make this blog partly your blog, too, and join me as I endeavor to write another 100, 200, 300, or more blogs in the coming months and  years.

Peace — eric


before I head out…

Monday 24 March 2008

Hi all — I just wanted to let all of you faithful readers of my blog (or not so faithful ones) that I will be leaving shortly for some work outside of the country and am unsure how often, if at all, I might be updating/writing in my blog before June, so I just thought I’d let you know that in case you were wondering where I was.  (If you don’t get alerts on when I put up a new post,) Do check back though every so often, as I may have the opportunity to connect you with other blog entries I find interesting or maybe even write a few on here — I just don’t know.  Until then, read some of my old blogs you may have missed along the way!

Peace — eric

question your sources

Friday 21 December 2007

Being off for a few weeks, I’ve been able to do a lot more reading and watching of media coverage of world and current events (and too much Clash of the Choirs, too, I might add). Today I was reading an AP article about pilgrims flocking to Bethlehem for Christmas where I read, close to the end of the article, this sentence, dropped in rather nonchalantly: “Israel is building the [West Bank separation] barrier in an effort to keep out Palestinian suicide bombers.”

Because of the witness of a friend of mine, I’ve become engrossed in the Palestinian situation in the past few months, reading testimonies by peacemakers from groups like Christian Peacemaker Teams and Michigan Peace Team and individual blogs by those currently in Palestine. Thanks to these reading, I was able to take this sentence and other words and comments we come to hear daily for what they really are: falsehoods.

It’s easy to accept this separation wall — 25 feet tall in most places completed — as being about national security. I mean, they want to build a wall at the border of Mexico for that reason, right? Unfortunately, things aren’t always as cut and dry as they seem. Firstly, he wall being built isn’t being built on political borders because, really, there aren’t any other than the supposed border set up in the late 1940s. Because Israel later captured these lands in 1967, there is really no longer an official border.

So one might expect if there were to be a wall to protect a border, you’d at least build it on the border. But as it goes, the wall is being built to encompass land that belongs to Palestinians, in reality illegally stealing land for Israeli settlers.

The situation is much too complicated for me to explain fully here, but I encourage you do to not take my word for it and do your own research. Read stories from the links I’ve posted here and examine other media sources. But above all, question what you read and see on TV, asking if there might be another side to the story or an ulterior motive for the way something is reported. It might take some time and effort to uncover reality, but don’t you owe it to yourself to know the truth?