a july 4th lookback

Wednesday 4 July 2012

It’s funny to realize that I’ve had this blog now for over 5 years. And it’s funny to think, when I come across some news story or event, “I think I wrote about that on my blog once…” Such was the case this year in realizing it was, once again, time for the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. If you want to know the results I’ll leave them to you, but I thought it a good opportunity to “go to the archives” and point you to my blog post from a year ago: American American. A few things show the movement of the past year, but the sentiment still rings true.

Also, I thought I’d add a few more topics to the mix I didn’t cover last year, including this infographic about education vs. incarceration and another blog post about obesity (and it’s obvious connection to our country’s excess), fat (and getting fatter).

Enjoy yourself, and remember your connection to everyone, not just in your own country but with everyone around the world.

Update: Let me add here also a nice opinion piece in the NY Times called The Downside of Liberty,connecting the expansion of individualism to the wealth disparity currently evident all over the place.


fat (and getting fatter)

Monday 11 July 2011

Working for an organization that advocates for health and physical activity (in relation to transportation choices), I continually hear about the obesity epidemic.

Released last week were the latest obesity figures, which you can see (adult and child) here: F as in Fat, 2011. It’s not a pretty site, with every state having an adult population that is at least 15% obese.  In fact, every state except Colorado has an obesity rate of over 20%!

A nice (or ugly) time lapse of rates for the past 25 years can be seen here:

If this interests you further, you can find more data, including breakdowns by race and connections of obesity to diabetes here: CDC Obesity and Overweight statistics.

It appears that we don’t need to be shipped into outer space because of global warming to turn into the obese creatures found in WALL-E.

Fat People in Wall-E