a special day in the math class

Monday 2 March 2009

Greetings all!  I’ve been out of town the past two weeks, thus the lack of posts!  However, I have a few thoughts from that time that I’m hoping to get down on computer in the coming days, so watch out for that!

In the mean time, to get back into the grove of things, a quick note that Tuesday, 3/3/09 is apparently Square Root Day!  I found a few articles/posts describing a bit of the day:
AP story
Wikipedia article
Comment board from last SRD, in ’04

I don’t think I ever would have picked that out myself, but it’s kind of fun.  And then next weekend, right after Friday the 13th, we get to celebrate Pi Day. We should really all be preparing for a huge bash in 2015 — that will be a once in a lifetime opportunity; mark your calendars now!  And, of course, a should out to all you Science people celebrating Mole Day this October.  (And guess what I just saw — one of the “Pi Approximation Day” dates falls usually on my 1/2 birthday, 10 November, the 314th day of the year — I was destined to love that number and math itself, it would seem!)

And for those committed blog readers out there who know me personally, this is a heads up that I’ll finally be cutting my hair Tuesday (there has to be some hair/square root pun to be had, but I’m not finding it… the root of the problem maybe?), so I hope you weren’t wanting to say goodbye to it!