happy new year!

Monday 31 December 2007

So here on the east coast, it’s only a few short hours until the new year.

“New Year’s Eve and it’s hard to believe another Zodiac’s gone around.” — Semisonic, ‘This Will Be My Year”

2008 already. I could get all nostalgic on you, I guess, but I’ll try to refrain. To me, it’s sometimes just amazing to look back on a year and realize all that I’ve packed into 12 months, the places I’ve been geographically, mentally, and spiritually, and just how different of a person I am than I was this time last year. But really, when you look back no matter how far, isn’t life in itself pretty amazing? To think how much we all really do in the short time we’re on this earth is pretty crazy. What differences do you see in yourself, and what accomplishments or memories would you not trade for anything?

The new year is a great time for “resolutions” of change, and I think that’s great, though it’s usually just something that we already wanted to change about ourselves and the start of a new year gives us just a good enough excuse to do it. I rarely make them, at least not seriously, as I constantly try to be refining myself and hope to not be dictated by something as insignificant (in the scheme of things) as a new calendar year.

In any case, I do hope 2007 was for you a magnificent year, and I wish for all of you a great 2008, whatever it may bring and wherever it may take you. Peace —